It actually breaks my heart just a little bit when I hear a bride say she is “going it alone" to plan her wedding. I am sad because I know what lies at the end of that decision and, well, it's often times not pretty. To be the guest of honor while also taking on the roles of designer, contract negotiator, decision maker, host, trouble-shooter, and general manager can be, to say the least, overwhelming and most definitely does not afford you the pleasure of enjoying the planning process or your event as a whole.  Planning a wedding or any celebration is the fun of this life and each moment leading up to your event is there to be enjoyed, not endured.

Planning an event requires time, attention to detail, know-how, and an awareness of those companies who have good business practices and exemplary reputations. Most people do not have the time or the wherewithal to plan an affair successfully without the help of someone like Windsor & Willow. At some point in the process, without outside help and know how, things are going to start breaking down casting a shadow over your preparation time and special occasion. In hiring professionals like Windsor & Willow, you can enjoy the planning process and know your event will succeed in every way. Come the day of your event, wouldn't it be more enjoyable to have someone else carry out your plan, answer questions, assist vendors,  problem solve, and give direction while you enjoyed your guests, raised your glass, and danced one more dance?

Windsor & Willow wants you to enjoy the process of planning your affair while not getting bogged down, stressed out, or overwhelmed by the minutia of it all. W&W also wants you to have fun at your event when the day finally arrives. With our help, we know that you will enjoy the process and your day to the fullest. Hiring W&W doesn't only ensure a beautiful event, but one that will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. We want your special occasion to be one where time stands still, you experience the great pleasure of your guests, and enough attention to detail has been paid that the memories of your event are rich, thought-provoking, beautiful, inspiring, and cherished. 

(Written by Eileen Sommi, 2016)